Why should you use graphic template models

use graphic template models

Why should you use graphic models

With regard to graphics, most internet marketers are discarded from the use of graphics models, whether they are e-book covers, website provisions or promotional banners, because they firmly believe that by using graphic models, they tarnish their own business. They want to have a unique identity and will always find a professional graphic designer to do the job. Well, you are in a big surprise!

When you buy a graphic template, you can customize it to a measure or even build a totally new design based on it! What is the point of using the model, then you say? Well, it serves as a source of inspiration and ideas for a totally new design. You can not derive anything from a blank canvas, right?

In addition to this, you save a lot of valuable time that you can also spend on more important issues, such as the development of new products or market your products. When you buy a pre-established model, you only need to edit one thing or two to give it an identity of your choice, which gives you more time and flexibility to work on other things.

Okay, let's say you chat that hiring a designer to do the job is also fast. This can be true, but do not forget, hire a professional designer to make a personalized design for you will cost you a lot of money. Unless you need a totally unique identity that you aim to establish firmly on your niche market, you do not need to get a designer to design it for you.

All graphic models are not suitable, so you have to pay attention when you choose one. Consider quality on the price, and you are on your way to create a positive image for your business while saving more time for more productive tasks!

Web design elements You should avoid having on your site

As a web designer, you must design your websites to give your visitors the greatest ease of use, the best impression and the most important of a welcoming experience. It does not matter if you have the largest product around the world - if your website is badly done, you will not be able to sell a copy of it because visitors will be controlled from your website by the ugly design.

When I talk about a "good design", I speak not only of a good graphic design. A professional web design will be able to emphasize that many components contribute to a good design of websites - accessibility design, interface design or layout, user experience design and of course the simplest, which is graphic design.

Therefore, I highlighted some characteristics of the worst Web designs I encountered. Hope you can compare this against your own site as a checklist and if something on your site is the criteria, you must know that it is high time to take a serious action!

  • Background music

Unless you use a site that promotes a group, a CD or something related to music, I would recommend staying away from the background music buckle on your site. This could be nice to you first, but imagine if you ran a big site with hundreds of pages and every time a visitor navigates on another page on your site, the background music starts playing again. If I were your visitor, I would just like to turn off my speakers or leave your site. In addition, they simply add to the burden of visitors when visualizing your site - users of the numbering connections will have to wait longer to display your site because it is supposed to be visualized.
  • Extra wide / small text size

As I said, there is more web design than purely graphics - the accessibility of the user is a big part of that too! You must design the text on your site to be readable and reasonably dimensioned to allow your visitors to read it without trying their eyes. Regardless of the quality of the content of your website or your sales copy, if it is illegible, you do not sell!
  • Contextual windows

The contextual windows are so crashed to display ads that, in my mind, 90% of popup windows are not worth my attention, so I close them whenever everyone has to go through my popup blocker (yes, J 'By a lot like users are there!) And, well, appears on my screen. Imagine if you had a very important message to transmit and put it in a pop-up window that is killed most of the time, it appears on the screen of a visitor. Your website loses its function immediately!

In conclusing this article, let me remember that as a webmaster, your job is to make sure your website does what it is supposed to do effectively. Do not let some minor errors stop your site optimally function!

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